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We understand that there may be questions as you you proceed with the registration process.  If problems do occur or you simply cannot register online, please contact us at   or call the Kids' Time phone line at 781-424-0187.  


1.  Select the About Us Tab at the top and then go to the left side of the website page and click on the menu item Register Online.

2.  Scroll down and select the program  which you are registering for and click on it.

3. You will be brought to a page confirming the class which you selected; click on Continue.

4.  You are now on the "Sign In" page.  You are all NEW even though you have participated in Kids' Time in the past.  Enter ONLY the email address you will use to receive information from Kids' Time. Click on "Submit". 

5.  The next screen tells you that the website has just mailed you a temporary password.  Check your email to retrieve this password and enter it in password box  and hit "Submit".  You will have the option to change your password to one of your choosing later in the process.

NEW PARENT/PARTICIPANT PROCESS In this part of the registration process you will be creating a profile for each adult parent and each child participating in Kids' Time .  After creating this "family profile" you will move on to registering each child for the appropriate division within Kids' Time .

1.  Register PARENT information first.  (birthdate and ID are not required). It is on this page that you may select a password of your choosing. Hit "Submit".

2.  Select "Add Second Adult"...enter info for second adult. Hit Submit

3.  Select "Add a child" to add information about the first child you will be registering for Kids' Time . Information will follow for registering additional children.

4.  You may click on a person's name at any time to review or change any information about that person. Hit Submit to enter.


1.  On the screen entitled "Family Entry and Participant Selection", click on "Register" next to the child's name whom you wish to register and fill in all registration information.

2.  A summary page that details all your registration information will appear. Print this out for your records and please send a copy when you mail your check.  You will also receive an email confirmation.

TO REGISTER ADDITIONAL CHILDREN... At the bottom of this Registration review page select "Click here to return to registration home page".  Here you will select the program in which you wish to register your next child. You will be brought back to your Family Info page.

3.  Select "Add Child" to enter second child's info, submit and then can click on Register to repeat registration process for that child.

If you add your child's information and he/she comes up as "ineligble" it is because you have not returned to the registration page and initially selected the program for which that child is eligible.  You are still in the age group for your first child.  You need to return to the "Register Online" page and select the appropriate age group for each child.  Once you have done that, "Register" will appear next to that child's name.